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  • DynaLAL Mattress & Pump – 450kg weight capacity

    Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, or bedsores, are some of the biggest reasons behind poor patient care experiences. They are highly injurious to patients’ skin and underlying tissue. The overwhelming majority of pressure ulcers are caused by long periods of bed rest on mattresses that are not designed to prevent skin and tissue damage. The prolonged […]

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  • Why Should You Purchase Pressure Care Equipment?

    Pressure sores and ulcers occur where a patient is bed-bound for long periods where they are immobile. Patients suffering from bedsores require intensive treatment and specialist equipment such as alternating pressure care mattresses or pressure-relieving cushions to reduce pressure sores or pressure ulcers. Our range of pressure-relieving and redistributing mattress and pressure cushions are purposefully designed to provide professional solutions to patients with pressure sores and pressure ulcers. The reduced need for manual handling reduces the risk to the carer and patient of personal injury. Whether you or a loved one is having difficulty with mobility through advanced age, or you have a temporary or permanent disability, our friendly consultants can advise you on the most appropriate equipment to meet your everyday needs; ROHO mattresses, alternating pressure care mattresses, air flotation cushions, pressure sore mattresses, and more.