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Alternating Air Pressure Mattresses

Bosshard Medical stocks an extensive range of pressure care equipment including, low air loss mattresses and alternating air pressure care mattresses ideally suited for the elderly, those with a temporary or permanent disability or those simply recovering from the hospital.

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  • Aria+ Pressure Care Mattress

    The Aria+ mattress by Enable Lifecare uses the latest air cell technology to help formulate a comfortable and effective mattress for pressure care and prevention. For patients that are at lower risk (experiencing up to level 2 pressure care injuries) the Aria+ can be used on its own. But, with the addition of the pump, […]

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  • Ruby Plus Mattress & Pump – Alternating pressure care

    The Ruby Plus Mattress & Pump offer plenty of features, including: Micro Air Loss Technology allows constant and equal air distribution under its vapor-permeable cover via the openings on the air cushions. This helps remove moisture from the patient’s ulcer wound and creates a dry healing environment for quick recovery. The Twin-Cell Design allows the […]

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  • Ruby King Mattress & Pump – Alternating pressure care

    Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, or bedsores are injurious to patient skin and underlying tissue. They are caused by prolonged skin pressure that comes from long periods of bed rest. Pressure ulcers are a constant threat to patient care because they can happen to any patient, especially high-risk patients, even if they are confined to their […]

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  • Why are air mattresses & alternating mattress good for pressure sores?

    Pressure sores and ulcers occur where a patient is bed-bound for long periods where they are immobile. Patients suffering from bedsores require intensive treatment and specialist equipment such as alternating pressure mattresses to reduce pressure sores or pressure ulcers and prevent other vulnerable areas becoming susceptible to pressure damage. Our range of premium Ruby alternating pressure care mattresses is purposefully designed to provide professional solutions for medium to very high-risk patients with pressure sores and pressure ulcers. The reduced need for manual handling reduces the risk to the carer and patient of personal injury.