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Pressure Relief Cushions

  • Swivel Cushion

    Soft flexible padded swivel seat with turning motion that enables easier movement of the lower body in and out of the car. The swivel cushion is great for those with lower limb stiffness, hip or knee surgery or general mobility issues. Soft flexible padded cushion with turning motion. Non-slip base. Allows the User easy and comfortable transfer […]

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  • Equagel Cushion

    – EquaGel is made from a dry-polymer gel arranged in a series of columns. – As pressure is placed on the cell wall, it gently collapses, allowing the user’s body weight to be distributed across a greater surface. – As well as the postural support and pressure care, the open structure of the EquaGel cushion […]

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  • ROHO Air Flotation Cushion

    Patients that suffer from poor blood flow to the arms and legs can develop ischemic ulcers easily. Ischemic ulcers are wounds that are dark red, yellow, grey, or black sores with raised edges around the wound. They occur when inadequate blood flow results in cell death and damage to the surrounding tissue. Ischemic ulcers are […]

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  • Pressure relief cushions can prevent and provide relief from pressure ulcers, bedsores and pressure ulcers