• Roho Air Flotation Mattress (3 Sections)

    The Roho Mattress (Air Flotation Mattress 3) is an overlay mattress that consists of three air flotation sections and a foam end. For patients who are at high risk of skin breakdown, or have an existing ischemic ulcer. The mattress is divided into sections that can be independently adjusted for optimum pressure distribution along the whole body. […]

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  • DynaLAL Mattress & Pump – 450kg weight capacity

    The DynaLAL mattress replacement system combines 3-1 alternating cell cycle with low air loss delivering superior skin ventilation to support the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The DynaLAL is for high and very high risk patients. With multiple pressure reduction features, simplicity of functional control, modulized quick-disconnect components design, the DynaLAL Mattress Replacement System effectively manages bedsores. Unique […]

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  • Lift Out Chair – Pride 660 Powerlift

    The Bosshard Pride 660 Lift Out Chair is an  Infinite-position, medium to large chaise lounger with fully removable upholstery components and dual motors which enable independent recline/footrest function. This chair reclines to a sleep position and also assists the patient with sitting and standing. Covered in hard wearing material this chair is strong and durable […]

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