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  • Ruby Plus Mattress & Pump – Alternating pressure care

    The Ruby Plus Mattress & Pump offer plenty of features, including: Micro Air Loss Technology allows constant and equal air distribution under its vapor-permeable cover via the openings on the air cushions. This helps remove moisture from the patient’s ulcer wound and creates a dry healing environment for quick recovery. The Twin-Cell Design allows the […]

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  • Roho Air Flotation Mattress (4 Section)

    Roho Air Flotation Mattress (4 Section) features include: Low friction and shear that allows for a smooth surface for gentle contact with the patient’s body Low surface tension that reduces the breakdown of skin tissue and promotes healthy healing of damaged skin Flexible and interconnected air cells that provide comfort without compromising on stability Passive […]

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  • Stand Up Lifter

    Comfortable and secure, the Stand Up Patient Lifter, is ideal to use for weight bearing, fully dependent patients and those needing rehabilitation support. The RPS440 Stand-up has an impressive 200 kg safe working load. Whether in the home, aged care facility or hospital, the RPS440 is the ideal stand-up lifter for the daily transferring of […]

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  • Jasmine Mobile Lifter

    The Invacare Jasmine Mobile Lifter is a flexible solution that offers high comfort for all clients. The lifter covers all needs, providing safe patient handling with up to 200 kg weight capacity. With its expansive, wide opening base and high lifting mechanism, the Jasmine Lifter makes life easy for caregivers. The control box with a […]

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  • Ruby King Mattress & Pump – Alternating pressure care

    Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, or bedsores are injurious to patient skin and underlying tissue. They are caused by prolonged skin pressure that comes from long periods of bed rest. Pressure ulcers are a constant threat to patient care because they can happen to any patient, especially high-risk patients, even if they are confined to their […]

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  • Top Gun – Glider Electric Wheelchair

    Simple and easy! With the simple push of a button the Top Gun Glider folds up for easy storage. Need to transport your ride? The Glider quick release system allows removal of the rear wheels and motors, minimising the weight for easy lifting. The Glider is both modern and stylish.  With an amazing load capacity […]

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  • Top Gun – Charger Scooter

    The low-rider Charger is the king of the streets. Under the plush extra large comfort chair resides a power packed motor and battery combination. The easy access lowered riding deck comes complete with all round double sprung suspension ensuring smooth travel. Class leading load carrying capacity is augmented by surprising agility and turning circle, the […]

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  • DynaLAL Mattress & Pump – 450kg weight capacity

    Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, or bedsores, are some of the biggest reasons behind poor patient care experiences. They are highly injurious to patients’ skin and underlying tissue. The overwhelming majority of pressure ulcers are caused by long periods of bed rest on mattresses that are not designed to prevent skin and tissue damage. The prolonged […]

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  • Top Gun – Everest Scooter

    Simply the number one choice for the go anywhere driver. The Everest cruises up difficult inclines with ease, navigates over rough terrain with clearance to spare.  Dominate the streets with class leading turning circle and a powerful high torque motor. Rounding off this robust go anywhere scooter is an unequalled array of safety and comfort […]

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  • Top Gun – Mustang Scooter

    Luxury, Power, Comfort. Along with an array of safety features the Mustang is the most comfortable ride to date.  All round double sprung suspension, seat post suspension, luxury seat with adjustable lumbar support and multiple driver adjustments options.  Completing the Mustang is the most powerful motor and battery combination on the Top Gun range.  Go […]

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  • Top Gun – Safari Scooter

    Top Gun Safari offers all the comfort of a luxury scooter with the added protection of our Clear Vision, Impact Resistant Weather Canopy.  Powering the Safari is an unbeatable high torque motor, and high capacity battery combination. When only the best will do!  Safari – ready to take on the elements. High Performance 1650W 4 […]

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