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  • Roho Air Flotation Mattress (4 Sections)

    Air Flotation Mattress 4 is an overlay mattress that comprises four air flotation sections. It is ideal for patients who are at high risk of skin breakdown, or have an existing ischemic ulcer. The mattress is divided into sections that can be independently adjusted for optimum pressure distribution along the whole body. The mattress is particularly good […]

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  • Stand Up Lifter

    Comfortable and secure, the Stand Up Patient Lifter, available to rent in Sydney, is ideal to use for weight bearing, fully dependent patients and those needing rehabilitation support. The RPS440 Stand-up has an impressive 200 kg safe working load. Whether in the home, aged care facility or hospital, the RPS440 is the ideal stand-up lifter […]

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  • Jasmine Mobile Lifter

    The Invacare Jasmine Mobile Lifter is a flexible solution that offers high comfort for all clients. The lifter covers all needs, providing safe patient handling with up to 200 kg weight capacity. With its expansive, wide opening base and high lifting mechanism, the Jasmine Lifter makes life easy for caregivers. The control box with a […]

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  • Ruby King Mattress & Pump – Alternating pressure care

    The Ruby Pressure Care line represents the benchmark in Pressure Care.  Developed over years in consultation with OT’s, Patients and Carers, the Ruby has a proven track record in both prevention and the treatment of Pressure ulcers. The Ruby King Alternating Pressure Care Mattress Pump System combines micro low air loss for skin ventilation and […]

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  • DynaLAL Mattress & Pump – 450kg weight capacity

    The DynaLAL mattress replacement system combines 3-1 alternating cell cycle with low air loss delivering superior skin ventilation to support the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The DynaLAL is for high and very high risk patients. With multiple pressure reduction features, simplicity of functional control, modulized quick-disconnect components design, the DynaLAL Mattress Replacement System effectively manages bedsores. Unique […]

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  • Bosshard Medical stocks an extensive range of Bedroom Equipment including Home Care Beds, Pressure Care Cushions and Pressure Care Mattresses ideally suited for the elderly, those with a temporary or permanent disability, or those simply recovering from the hospital. Whether for sale, for rent or via our highly popular hire to buy program, our friendly professionals will create an affordable plan to suit your needs.

    Our Bedroom aids include a range of Home Care Beds, Mattresses, Cushions and Pressure Care Mattresses designed to make the bedroom safe and functional. We source only quality brands from reliable suppliers of Bedroom equipment.

    Our range of Bedroom equipment are purposefully designed to give extra assistance to those who need it. As you age or after an operation, it's not uncommon to become a little unsteady on your feet. Safety is paramount and the prevention of falls is critically important for the health of both the patients and their handlers. Our equipment is designed to make the bedroom and the home safer and easier so as to create a comfortable environment.

    We supply across the greater Sydney region and throughout Bowral and the Southern Highlands. On installation, our friendly, professional staff will provide full instructions for the use of equipment to ensure you get the maximum benefit.